ChangeFusion Nepal is an innovative non-profit organization that provides opportunities for young social entrepreneurs in Nepal. Its mission is to support and empower young Nepalese social entrepreneurs who have unique ideas and solutions to social problems. ChangeFusion Nepal was founded in 2008 and is now active in the region. The organization is currently working with a variety of social entrepreneurs to support their projects.

In Bhattedadha, Nepal, a team from ChangeFusion Nepal delivered solar lights to 100 sustainable shelter houses within two days. Volunteers from the organization helped install the solar lights. These lights are renewable, environment-friendly, and easy to install. Moreover, the team was able to educate the household members on how to use the lights, which is a significant step in providing access to clean, safe, and affordable light.

ChangeFusion Nepal is a social entrepreneurship program supported by Shanti International, an international nonprofit organization focused on fostering social entrepreneurship in Nepal. To participate in the program, promising young Nepalese entrepreneurs must have a business idea, be committed to solving a social problem, and demonstrate innovative ideas. Ultimately, ChangeFusion Nepal aims to create a society where social enterprises are successful and young Nepalese have the necessary resources to succeed.

ChangeFusion Nepal’s volunteers installed 10 sustainable shelters in Bhattedadha during the first half of May. Though there were some challenges with getting materials delivered on time, the volunteers worked through the night to complete the project. Volunteers also made stone hearts, which symbolize 100, and took selfies with each other. The new shelter houses have helped the local community come together to help each other out.