ChangeFusion Nepal is a non-governmental organization that nurtures young social entrepreneurs and supports them in realizing their vision of a better future. Founded in 2008, the organization empowers the next generation of leaders in Nepal to be innovative, social entrepreneurs and help bring about a positive social change. ChangeFusion Nepal works with local partners to create innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

One of the initiatives ChangeFusion Nepal undertook in Bhattedadha village was the establishment of a school and community center for the children. The children had no access to education, and ChnageFusion Nepal worked with the community and school representatives to address this issue. In addition to providing educational resources, the team also helped set up a community center, as well as install pipes from a local water source to the doorsteps of the residents.

The organization also provides education and training to 250 women in Nepal. It claims to have an 80 percent job placement rate for the women it trains. The organization also provides computer training to 40 girls enrolled in college. The goal is to give them an opportunity to earn more money and make a better life for their families.

ChangeFusion Nepal works with local partners to help the community create an economic future. Besides giving financial assistance, they also provide training to local entrepreneurs. ChangeFusion holds workshops every Sunday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm. Workshops focus on finding the specialty of each venture. Participants are also given personalized flyers that highlight their five points of specialization. The second workshop covers cost and pricing. Participants also learn about how to create a balanced sheet.