Social Entrepreneurs Profiles

1. Mr. Nishesh Rai


Venture’s Name: PANN Brick Pvt. Ltd.
Venture’s Location: Belahara VDC ward no. 2, Dhankuta, Koshi, Nepal
Contact: 00977- 9842054866, 00977-9852047707,
Problem Addressed: Unavailability of good quality and affordable bricks in the locality and the exodus of youths to foreign countries for employment
Impact: 45 Employees, 80-90% less smoke emission than fixed and bull trench kilns, round the year operation facility providing employment for employees and product for market Growth Cycle: Toddler (above 1-5 yrs of operation)
Sustainability: Been offering paid consultancy, local availability of raw materials, high demand of bricks in community
Own Words: “I want to encourage energetic and innovative youth to stay home and do something like myself, in whatever scale they can.

2. Mr. Govinda Ghimire


Venture’s Name: Alternative Herbal Pvt. Ltd. Venture
Location: Madhyapur Thimi -15, Bhaktapur
Contact: 00977-1-4036359,, www.
Problem Addressed: Wastage of Nepal’s Bio-diversity and Natural Resources
Solution: Trainings for Collection, Production and Packaging of Products
Impact: Around 2558 households in 7 Districts are the beneficiaries
Growth Cycle: Maturation ( 10 years or above of operation )
Sustainability: Completely dependent on local raw materials, producers’ ownership of the business/ cooperatives gives life-skill training to employees and sells their products to generate income to sustain the business.
Own words: “I don’t want producers to face the risks and problems of market reach like I did years ago before I started this venture. So, this is my effort and contribution towards facilitating the market reaches for small-scale producers.

3. Mr. Sanu Kaji Shrestha


Venture’s Name: Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST)
Venture’s Location: 35/4 Galkopakha, Thamel
Contact: 977-1-4361574 (O), 977-1-4351225,
Problem Addressed: Shortage of cooking fuel and wastage of materials with potential bio-fuel characteristics
Impact: More than 3000 people are already trained about this technique, different organizations like Shanti Sewa Griha in Til Ganga using the technique and also internalization of the technology, like the adoption of technology in Afghanistan. Growth Cycle: Maturation (10 years or above of operation)
Sustainability: Reusing and recycling materials, organizing trainings, selling goods and generating turnover that sustains this business.
Own Words: “FoST is a mother institute which produces entrepreneurs in household levels. These entrepreneurs deal with social issues directly, such as mobilizing natural and human resources starting from their own house”.

4. Mr. Thaneshwar Bhusal                     


Venture’s Name: Saamudayik Khadya Prasodhan Udhyog
Venture’s Location: Mudikuwa – 6, Parbat
Contact: 00977-9857622255, 67-690600,
Problem Addressed: Wastage of local agro-products produced in field and/or forests like lapsi, oranges, cardamom, ginger, coffee etc.
Impact: Income generation for local youth and females by buying their products.
Growth Cycle: Maturation ( 10 years or above of operation)
Sustainability: Has started its own Nursery for seedling productions and 80% of the raw materials are produced in the local vicinity of the venture.
Own Words: “The contribution to the farmers of Parbat from this venture has been remarkable in the sense that it has created employment, generated revenue and also promoted tourism.

5. Dr. Bishal Dhakal


Venture’s Name: Health at Home Private Limited (HHPL)
Venture’s Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 00977- 9841515934, 00977-1- 4116024,
Problem Addressed: Lack of program/institution in Nepal where professional collective was able to deliver services needed for people recuperating or requiring frequent health attention at home.
Impact: 500 families as clients till date, start of their own business by more than 10 organizations inspired by this venture.
Growth Cycle: Toddler (1 to 5 years of operation)
Sustainability: Growing yearly in 100 percent growth ratio, increasing demand for home based health care in cities.
Own Words: “It is our honor to make the first step in the area of personalized medical health care in Nepal. We would like this brand to grow in the multiple vertical space of health care and specifically in home-based healthcare.”

6. Ms. Bishnu Thakali    


Venture’s Name: Solid Waste Management and Community Mobilization Program Venture’s
Location: Kupondole -1 ,Lalitpur
Contact: 00977-9841208620, 00977-1-5542024,
Problem Addressed: Lack of a proper functioning body to manage solid waste in the Kathmandu Valley
Impact: Establishment of 40 Biogas plants all over the country, 51 Eco-clubs and 30 women’s group apart from a clean local environment.
Growth Cycle: Maturation ( 10 years or above of operation)
Sustainability: Through Club and Group formation and local awareness program the venture has been able to sustain itself.
Own Words: “In the time when women weren’t allowed to work and bound in the shackles of society, a group of housewives initiated to work in the field of solid waste management. And we have been working selflessly since then preserving the environment and turning ‘waste’ into ‘resource’.”

7. Mr. Amrit Ratna Shakya


Venture’s Name: A.R. Fashion Design & Sewing Institute
Venture’s Location: Shree Durbar Tole, Lalitpur
Contact: 00977-9841304272, 00977-1-5526730
Problem Addressed: Being a differently-abled person himself, Mr. Shakya opened this venture in 2048 B.S. to fight the stigma and discrimination from the society towards a person like himself.
Impact: Providing training to 500 people annually among whom 25-30% on average open their own enterprise. This has also helped change the attitude of the society towards a differently abled person.
Growth Cycle: Maturation ( 10 years or above of operation)
Sustainability: Being an enterprise in a much sought after field, the filtration rate of applicants is very high.
Own Words: “I was considered to be a burden by my own parents and was never thought of having potential to be self-reliant. In order to challenge this misconception and prove that person with disabilities can also be a productive workforce, I opened this fashion institute in 2048 B.S. as a founder trainer.”

8. Mr. Som Prasad Gauchan


Venture’s Name: Everest Tea Estate, Pvt. Ltd.
Venture’s Location: Pragya Marga, Kalanki -14, Kathmandu
Contact: 00977-1-4279113,00977-9851086168,
Problem Addressed: Extreme backwardness of Bhotechaur village in Sindupalchowk due to lack of infrastructure and employment opportunities.
Impact: Employment for the locals, less number of people going abroad, socio-economic upliftment of the working class in the locality.
Growth Cycle: Maturation ( 10 years or above of operation)
Sustainability: Company owned tea estate, good market reach due to the company being located in Kathmandu, workers from local community
Own Words: “In the course of our discussion with the locals to find alternative to migration, we realized the multi-faceted benefit of tea farming in terms of employment, income, land conservation and ecological balance. Hence, we started the tea estate for the mutual benefits of everyone involved.”

9. Ms. Jasmaya Pun


Venture’s Name: Hampaal Allo Tatha Kapada Bunai Udhyog
Venture’s Location: Shalija V.D.C -7, Parbat, Dhaulagiri
Contact: 00977-9847652761, 00977-9847636543
Problem Addressed: Unemployment and wastage of materials in nearby community forest, private forest and lands.
Impact: Life-skills developed, 60 Women employed, 8 Allo sewing and processing factories established in Dhaulagiri Zone
Growth Cycle: Adolescent ( 5-10 years of operation)
Sustainability: Organization of trainings and local availability of raw materials and labor force.
Own Words: “I was poor with minimal education. When I fell sick, nobody was ready to loan me money for my treatment. It was then, that I realized the need to gain some life-skills. So, I opened this venture utilizing the local resources from the forest.

10. Mr. Chiran Jeevi Poudel


Venture’s Name: Seeing Hands Clinic, Kathmandu
Venture’s Location: Thamel, Kathmandu
Contact: 00977-9856029137 , 00977-1- 4253513,
Problem Addressed: Severe lack of employment and income generating opportunities for visually impaired people in Nepal
Impact: Has provided jobs for 15 visually impaired people and raised awareness within the local community about what visually impaired people are capable of achieving and earning.
Growth Cycle: Toddler ( 1-5 years of operation)
Sustainability:  Providing  training  and  giving  employment, being located in a very touristic place there is a high demand for the services of the venture
Own Words: “Despite my impaired vision, I have risen to the challenge of running my own business, employing and managing a team of staff.”

11. Mr. Prachanda Shakya


Venture’s Name: Nepal Traditional Handicraft Training Center
Venture’s Location: Aksheswor Mahabihar, Pulchowk, Lalitpur-3
Contact: 00977-1-5009078, 00977-9841366671,
Problem Addressed: The closure of the sculpture training institute being
run by Aksheswor Mahabihar in 2061 B.S. led to Prachanda and his team start their own institute to train and produce artisans.
Impact: Employment and skill development, at least 5 people develop professional skills annually ( 11 batch of students prepared till now), preservation of ancient art-craft and culture.
Growth Cycle: Adolescent ( 5 to 10 years of operation)
Sustainability: Training and Employment for people and local availability of work-force, trainers and raw materials and the location of institute being a very touristic place.
Own Words: “I myself got the training in 2051 B.S. and in 2061 B.S. this only one of a kind training institute was shut down. Then I, along with my friends, decided to open a training institute to keep the legacy alive and to train people in the ancient art-craft, like wood-craft, sculpture making and rest.”

12. Ms. Tara Baskota Adhikari


Venture’s Name: Shangrila Agro World
Venture’s Location: Tara Marg, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 00977- 9851064659 , 00977- 9851024312,,
Problem Addressed: Unfair prices to farmers due to lack of proper processing and marketing.
Impact: Regular income for local manpower, 481 certified farmers, protection of environment, empowerment of individuals from the grass root level. 
Growth Cycle: Adolescent ( 5-10 years of operation) 
Sustainability: Big market and reasonable demand both at home and abroad 
Own Words: “I was born and brought up in the village. I can clearly understand the problems of the growers.

13. Mr. Khom Raj Sharma


Venture’s Name: Inclusive Empowerment Cyber and Braille T-Shirt
Venture’s Location: K.I.Sing Pul-1, Pokhara
Contact: +977-61-441947, +977-61-530925,
Problem Addressed: Non-availability of visually impaired friendly cyber cafes and heavy donor dependency of agencies/NGOs working for visually impaired people
Impact: Skill development, confidence build up and economic independence of visually impaired people.
Growth Cycle: Seedling (0-1 years of operation)
Sustainability: Braille T-shirt production and sale, high speed internet and reliable power supply at cyber café, organizing trainings and also high demand of cyber cafes at other cities in the country.
Own Words: “I am a visually impaired activist whose mission is to overcome societal and economic challenges visually impaired people face.”

14. Ms.Shanti Dolma Shakya  


Venture’s Name: Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes
Venture’s Location: Kakani V.D.C -6, Nuwakot
Contact: 00977-9808801708, 00977-9841008599,
Problem Addressed: Health problems and environmental impact created by artificial dyes
Impact: Employment for 13 people, utilization of local raw materials, health benefits for customers
Growth Cycle: Toddler ( 1 to 5 years of operation)
Sustainability: Local availability of raw materials and labor force, growing market for natural dyes
Own Words: “Apart from enterprise development, we also train women in the village about the preparation of natural dyes from the local raw materials and help them sustain themselves. The financial empowerment and independence gained by women has also reduced the episodes of domestic violence.

15. Mr. Kumud Singh


Venture’s Name: Alpine Coffee Estate
Venture’s Location: Nuwakot
Contact:00977-9851116163, 009779851030950,
Problem Addressed: Lack of sustainable commercial agriculture activities in Nepal despite huge potential
Impact: Employment Generation, Women Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Agriculture, Health (organic practice), Environment Conservation
Growth Cycle: Toddler ( 1 to 5 years of operation)
Sustainability: 100% home grown coffee beans, large market abroad and good distributor network, encouraging and educating the locals on efficient and effective farming methods and sustainability of organic coffee.
Own Words: “We are a team of young people filled with enthusiasm and a “do it yourself” motto. In a country where most young men prefer going abroad for employment, or prefer working behind a desk for banks and big corporation, we have taken this step towards agriculture.”

16. Mr. Dipak Prasad Koirala


Venture’s Name: Junar Kendriya Sahakari Sangh
Location: Basheswor – 6, Sindhuli (Janakpur)
Contact: 9844045355, 014111872,
Problem Addressed: The hardships farmers from Sindhuli faced to earn a living as they walked for many days to sell their produce, and falling prey to unscrupulous middlemen – leading many to give up farming, or falling into heavy debt.
Impact: The cooperative commercially produces, processes and markets sweet orange (Junar). It focuses on improving the socio economic standards of junar farmers, developing and extending market networks of Junar products and shares technical and administrative knowledge and expertise.
Growth Cycle: Toddler (1-5 years of operation)
Sustainability:  With its partnership with the Government, private sector and other cooperatives, it has established a value chain model from farm to market, which helps farmers earn a fair living. It currently represents seven thousand five hundred households, forty eight local level cooperatives, two district level cooperatives and one central umbrella organization.