Message from the Director

Many times, I have heard saying, ‘ oh you are simply lucky, as whatever you do, it all turns out well,  you achieve good results, god is very kind to you. ‘ Yes, I cannot disagree that God is kind to me but besides luck there is also big amount of hardwork  and many other things involved, so sharing some tips which has helped me to get some good results.

  1. I am in the place where I cannot think of being somewhere else then where I am right now. I completely love my work, there is never a regret moment, I have smile when I wake up thinking what I would do today and again smile when go to bed thinking what I did that day, So be in the place or job which you completely, love enjoy and you want to be.
  2. Value time.
  3. We have a clear goal and mission what we want to achieve for the month, week, day, then we develop an action plan to form it. There is a clear understanding why I am doing this, what I want to get from this. So once we are clear on the results and impact, then its easy to form a work plan. Yes, thing might change when you start and you might have to take different road, but you know where you want to reach. be clear on your planning on what you want to get, where you want to reach.
  4. My advisor, Ashutosh Tiwari, who have been supporting me since 5 years now, says, there is one thing which makes you unique is your grit. That’s true. I don’t give up easily, There are lots of challenges, lots of excuses, lots of reasons why you cannot do it but only one reason is I can do it, I will do it. So 4th,  lots of obstacles will come, don’t give up easily. Have grit.
  5. Team. You cannot do it alone, you need a team but a team who is equally passionate as you are. I have always said, Change Fusion Nepal is not a retirement place, it is a learning place. You come here, stay not more than 2 years, learn as much as you can, contribute as much as you can, explore as much as you can and leave. I take the best of my team, they have to really work hard but I also give them the best I can training, rewards and an opportunity to connect with real world. So 5th, choose hungry, passionate people who wants to learn and teach.
  6. Work with your team. Do not sit, dictate and have them to, but work with them, be with them and support them as much as you can.
  7. Admit, you are not perfect. I know, I am not, but I learn. I make mistake, I learn from the mistake.  Be open to change, come out of your comfort zone and try something new, don’t worry, if t does not work, but try.
  8. You don’t get results simply by getting lucky. You get it because you work very hard to get it.  Don’t put your legs in 2 places, be in one place at one time, give your full time, attention, energy to one place.  Don't work just from surface level. Go deep, get connect with whatever you do. Get to details. Try to make it to your level best. Don't have 'bhai halcha ni' attitude. Put all your love, heart, energy, time and soul into it that even the other person feels it without you speaking about it
  9. So thank people who have helped you. Remember them, be in touch with them.
  10. My motto of life is any day when death comes knocking in my door, I should be able to go happily saying, I lived meaningful life, with work and also with self. No regrets.

But them let me also tell you, what suits for me might not work for you as we all are different in our life, thoughts and luck,  but  only one thing make sure is live a complete meaningful l life.