The selection is based on the following criteria:

Applicants must be youth from Nepal aged between 20 to 35 years who demonstrate entrepreneurial potential and a passion to create social impact.The ventures must indicate economic, social and/or environmental value components.

Ventures that are specifically targeted to poverty reduction, improving disadvantaged or marginalized groups, environmental protection, gender equality and human rights are encouraged.

The ventures, either non-profit or for-profit, must have an income-generation component, and show capacity to sustain themselves through their own income streams.

Ventures that have the ability to develop a model capable of scaling-up and of being reproduced by other entrepreneurs are encouraged.

Our Selection Process

The selection process for our fellows is as follows:

The call for proposals is an open application period where interested social entrepreneurs take their first steps towards their journey. ChangeFusion Nepal then screens these applicants based on the criteria described along with potential social and economic value. Once finalists are selected, a critical process of mentoring the finalists on developing their business ideas is undertaken. We understand that many of the finalists while extremely passionate, bright and full of great ideas, are still not ready to start their businesses. Mentoring these finalists in order to better prepare them with the appropriate skill set is essential before financing can take place. After an extensive process of training, submission of detailed business plans and a thorough evaluation of the standing of the finalists, we determine the venture.


ChangeFusion Nepal promotes social entrepreneurship in Nepal. Our core focus is to help create successful entrepreneurial stories that impact the daily lives of the underprivileged in Nepal in order to serve as a model that change is indeed possible. We do this by announcing an annual entrepreneurs’ competition, selecting finalists, training and mentoring them and finding seed funding to help them transform their dreams into reality. This whole process is called the fellowship cycle.

1. Our selection Process
2. What fellows get
3. Fellows 2009 - 2010
4. Fellows 2010 - 2011
5. Fellows 2011- 2012

Fellowship 2010-2011
After a successful pilot program, Change Fusion Nepal has kicked off the second batch with more innovative approach to reach out to the right candidates:

On the Road
December 2009 saw the dreams of 5 successful fellows being turned into reality and the commendable work they have done has paved the way for the 2nd batch of fellows that we intend to support. Our belief that every youth deserves an opportunity led to the launch our first ‘On the Road’ programme as part of our ChangeFusion Fellowship Programme 2010-2011. By travelling to different districts of Nepal the team will ensure that opportunities are not restricted just to the youth in Kathmandu valley. We aim to educate and advocate the idea of Social Entrepreneurship to empower the youth all over the country to become leaders.

Our first phase of ‘On the Road’ started in December 2010 with visits to the districts of Kavre, Dang and Bara. With the help of our local partners (Youth Action Nepal and CCS Italy) we had the opportunity of interacting with 62 local youth (Kavre-18, Dang- 24, Bara- 20) discussing the possibility of locally feasible and environmentally sustainable social enterprises encouraging the youth to lead them. ChangeFusion will be back on the road in the first week of January with the purpose of visiting more districts.

Our local Partners in the districts we visit will assist us in gathering motivated local youth and following up with our selected fellows in the future. By the end of the program, we aim to identify 25 locally viable social ventures and youth leaders.

Call for Proposal & Selection
With the commencement of ‘On the Road’ program, ChangeFusion Nepal has announced the ‘call for proposal’ from which 25 candidates will be shortlisted.

Capacity Building Workshop
By February 2011, ChangeFusion Nepal will shortlist 25 candidates and invite them for a three day capacity building workshop in Kathmandu. Various experts will be invited as guest trainers to motivate and train these young minds to the idea of self-sustenance and success. On the third day the applicants will present their business plans which will be evaluated. Semi-finalists will be selected by the end of this workshop.

Our finalists will be declared as “Our Fellows for 2010”. These fellows will be given a platform to present and share their ideas with a wider audience. The audience will comprise of business house leaders, INGO representatives, individual donors and leading social workers who can assist and guide the fellows in the future. ‘Hakuna’ is expected to enrich the fellows and their ventures with wide range of network and support in all areas including finance and marketing.

Funding, Mentoring and Networking
The finalists will be supported with seed loans, regular mentoring for a year and occasional follow up after the first year. The fellows will also go through an intense network building process with other entrepreneurs, supporters, promoters, other relevant individuals, organisations and the market through ChangeFusion Nepal.

What Fellows Get

During our fellowship cycle, we support our fellows through a variety of approaches so that they are able to start and run their ventures effectively. We focus on four different areas:


  • Creation and translation of relevant knowledge tools such as guidebooks, publications, blogs and active point raising discussions within our networks.
  • Run a “Capacity Building Workshop” to provide access to essential knowledge in relevant areas. Business leaders and consultants are invited to the workshop to work with the fellows and pass on their expertise on selected topics such as preparation of the business plan, assessment of general startup problems and discussion on particular needs of the participants.


  • Find investors or donors to give need-based seed loan to selected ventures at installment basis
  • Connect the fellows with appropriate financing and financial management resources

Face-to-face and virtual consultations by a diverse group of paid and volunteer local mentors with focus on:

  • Business planning
  • Social impact assessment
  • Start-up operation management
  • Financial model development
  • Investment readiness and fund raising

The contracted mentor will regularly mentor the selected fellows for a year. After the first year the mentorship will gradually phase out to need-based follow up.


  • Connect Nepalese young social entrepreneurs with investors, mentors, other social entrepreneurs and interested stakeholders.
  • Provide market to the fellows through showrooms, promoting their items at exhibitions and through publications.
  • Host biannual local events, called Hakuna Nights, to spur innovation, enhance creativity, network and present the stories of our fellows to supporters, established entrepreneurs, investors, donors and international development experts.
  • Host monthly meetings, called Udhyami Baithak, to connect with other young change makers in order to build, engage and inspire creativity for growing like-minded youth network.
  • Engage with an online portal for social entrepreneurs.